Hey Friends! Well, it’s now February and you’ve all probably taken steps toward your goals and intentions for 2014. But I’m guessing the task is getting a little daunting... am I right?? I know that inner voice VERY well and understand that it can at times be a bit difficult to get your foot out the door for a run outside or to your local gym. Well, it doesn’t have to be that hard!!

Make your calorie burning sessions FUN and EXCITING by recruiting a Sweat Buddy! A Sweat Buddy is a friend that you recruit to join you on your workouts to simply break a sweat… and make it your goal to break a sweat only once a day. It’s not really that grueling and difficult when you break it down that way… is it? Finding your partner-in-crime will make your workouts more eventful, seamless, and more importantly hold you accountable to show up and stay dedicated to that new sweatastic routine. Here's why:

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