What To Pack For A Week At The Beach

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I'm packing for a week of fun in the Florida sun and getting away from this dreary Pennsylvania winter. As a native of Canada, I still can't believe how good it feels to have the warm Florida sun shining down on you in January. It is a gift I surely don't take for granted. But packing for a week at the beach is a challenge; I need enough clothes to outfit a couple of rounds of golf, a few sets of tennis, daily workouts and beach walks. This means a very full suitcase. So, I like to keep it simple with a few Jofit items that can be used interchangeably for multiple excursions. Here are my suggestions on the most necessary Jofit womens beach apparel.

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Having fun in the sun is happiness

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We’ve all spent time in the sun…some of us, more than others. Unfortunately, we didn’t know exactly how damaging or deadly it could be. Being a golf and tennis addict, I have probably exposed my skin to the more sun than most. I can’t seem to find a good treatment for getting rid of all the freckles, moles and wrinkles. Fractional laser treatment helped rid my face of most of the brown spots, but there doesn’t seem to be an answer to getting rid of the brown spots on my arms and legs. At this point, all I can do is wear a good UV protective long sleeve top (sku UT001) and a very good sunscreen. Staying out of the sun is NOT an option. Having fun in the sun is happiness.

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