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After two days of 4:15am wake up calls during the spring Jofit shoot in Arizona, we were all ready for an afternoon tequila break on day 2.  As our waiter approached the table he said, "What's the occasion? Work, friends, family?"

Work... Defined as exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something... And I absolutely enjoy the feeling of busting my @$$ with awesome people who have a similar enthusiasm toward whatever the heck we are trying to accomplish. In this particular instance, we were in Arizona to work towards the continued development of the Jofit brand and shoot images for web marketing. I personally found the brand it its very early stages when I was competing on the LPGA Futures Tour about eight years ago. Jofit sits at the very top of my preferred golf brands. I loved it from the beginning. Period. Every time I put it on, I know that I will be comfortable and confident. That is exactly why I am so passionate about sharing Jofit with you. So.... We're we really "working" in beautiful Arizona?  Eh... It counts as work when wake up call is in the 4:00 am hour and 9:30 am feels like 3:00 pm.

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