We spend countless time finding just the perfect fit models. We realize that all women are shaped differently and want to address different issues along with different style needs. My daughter, sister, mother and friends range from 20 to early 80’s. We all wear Jofit. If you need a longer length, a wider fit, a shorter skort, a higher neck line, a wider arm hole…we hear you. It is our purpose to find the perfect fit for every body. The longer tops address the “showing belly” issue when serving or swinging. The wider across chest sleeveless tops address the excess flesh that seems to flow from our bras after a certain age. The rear pockets cover all that is nasty. The wide waistbands  give a flatter abdomen appearance. The narrower at the knee Bermuda Golf Short will give a longer, leaner appearance. We are not all genetically gifted, but we can do our best to make it look like we won the genetic lottery.

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