Buyers…and therefore consumers, are screaming for pull-on skorts. Having spent the last two seasons in our Mina skort, I completely understand. It’s difficult to wear zippers and snaps after you have played, relaxed, shopped and dined in a pull-on skort. The comfort level is comparable to pajamas. The fit of our latest pull on skorts will amaze! With a slightly more relaxed top of waistband measurement and the 3” wide contoured  waistband, this skort eliminates most muffin-top issues. The large pockets in the rear help give a “lifted” tush appearance as well as hide the “hail damage” (or lumpy look) you'll find with most knit bottoms. My BFF likes to wear this skort day and night with a beautiful pair of overpriced sandals and a gorgeous swingy top. Finish with earrings and you have a skort for after the course, the mall, the plane and your favorite restaurant.

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