It's no secrect that exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress. When you work out, your bodies release endorphins, the hormones that fight stress. No matter how overwhelmed you're feeling, a good workout can help take your mind off of your problems and clear your head.

  • Yoga. Through a combination of stationary stretching and deep breathing, this body-mind exercise can help strengthen your ability to naturally calm down. This slow-paced workout is great for athletes who are limited by an injury or those who are looking to focus on toning instead of gaining muscle mass. Once you've mastered some basic yoga moves, you can practice stress relief anywhere, anytime! Pair the Live-In Capri with a Betsy Tank for the perfect flat-tummy, all-over-coverage yoga look.

  • Golf. Moderate exercises, like golf, can also reduce anxiety. Playing golf gives you an opportunity to participate in friendly competition while stretching your muscles and enjoying fresh air. The focus golf requires is beneficial to our state of mind. When you  become absorbed by the task at hand, you feel a sense of positive energy, making it a great stress reliever. Our Belted Golf Short, complete with pockets to store your score card, tees, and extra balls, pairs well with our Scallop Short Sleeve Polo. This top is available in 3/4 sleeve, t-shirt, and sleeveless styles, so you can find a look that works for the temperatures in your region.

  • Tai Chi. Similar to yoga, Tai Chi is a series of flowing body movements and breathing techniques. The difference here is that you set the pace. Though the movements are tied to martial arts, Tai Chi was designed to center the mind and condition the body. Other health benefits of Tai Chi include lowering blood pressure, boosting your immune system, and lessening the side effect of heart conditions, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  Loose and stretchy clothing is ideal for Tai Chi - pair our Live In Pant and Muscle Tee for the ultimate Tai Chi look.

  • High Intensity. Any aerobic exercise that gets your heart rate going can help with stress relief. From running and dancing to spinning and even roller-skating, high-energy activities can help relief physical and mental stress. Before you begin any kind of high intensity workout, it's important to consult your doctor. HIIT workouts require clothing that stays put. Our Evolution Capri Tight and Long Sleeve Mock were designed with supportive waistbands and moisture wicking fabric so you can feel confident throughout any type of HIIT training.

Go forth and bust through stress with these workout ideas!