• Make time for yourself. Finding the time to devote to your fitness can be extremely difficult, especially after a full day of work or allocating time for family. Incorporate fitness into your routine by working out at the same time every day! Establish a routine that includes for at least 30 minutes of physical activity. When time constraints are tough or you're feeling extra exhausted, it's important to remember that missing a workout isn't the end of the world. Rest is just as important as physical activity! We have the perfect athlesiure outfit for post-workout. Try our Jo Poncho in Mushroom paired with our Chalet Pant in Black! Buttery soft perfection. 


  • Set realistic goals. Never set a goal you know you won't be able to reach. For example, it's impossible to become Carrie Underwood, but you can set goals to work towards toning your legs like Carrie's! When you're working out, your focus should always be your body and your health. Try not to compare yourself to others. If you're not sure where to start when it comes to setting goals, talk with a fitness coach or research workouts for your body type online! One workout outfit that is a great fit  for most body types is the Velocity Tee paired with our Evolution Capri Tight


  • Choose a routine that is effective. No two people are the same, so what works for your best friend might not work for you when it comes to reaching your goals. Interval training of any kind tends to be effective for all body types - what matters is the kind of interval training you're doing. Twenty minutes of strength training intervals might work for one person while 45 minutes of cardio intervals works for another. Talk to your doctor to see if there are any restrictions you should put on your physical routine, then get out there and find what moves work for you. Whether it's pilaties or training for a marathon, one Jofit must have to always keep in your gym bag is a Jofit Muscle Tee - breathable and fitted to perfection while you're on the move!


  • Wear what you feel great in. The more comfortable and confident you are in your fitness gear, the better your workout will be. Jofit offers a number of styles that were designed with your comfort in mind, so you never have to worry about muffin top, cellulite, or accidental exposure. All of our tops were designed with extra length, giving you the coverage you need to jump, twist, and move throughout any workout. Similarly all of our bottoms stay snug to your body and comfortable. No matter what you wear, you should never be concerned about your outfit choice when you're working out.


  • Snack before you exercise. Bananas are a great pre-workout snack that will keep your body in motion. They're loaded with potassium, which aids in muscle function. Because your body doesn't store potassium for very long, eating a banana before a workout can help to keep your nutrient levels high and your performance at peak levels. Other healthy pre-workout snack options like fruit and Greek yogurt, whole grains, and oats will fuel your body for any kind of physical activity!


Stay healthy and active this summer with these fitness tips and tricks from #TeamJofit!